Assimilating a new Language

Assimilating a new Language.

Assimilating a new Language

Brief one this – a rant, if you will.  I wish, dear creators of this holy of holies whereon I write (my P.C. – I just like the sound of my own keys) you would get your language straight.  Bad enough we have to get our heads around html and Java script, around bytes and gigabytes and megabytes and RAM and all those other idiotic terms with oblique meanings (see my previous rant ‘Faceless Book’); now we have to deal with double meanings too.

Just one specific caught me out today.  In my understanding ‘flagging’ something means bookmarking it to return later – an item to which I should give a second look.   Not on Twitter!  On Twitter it means reporting media for ‘examination’ by the ‘Twitter Team’.  Click it at your peril!  Don’t!  Beware! 

Since my error I have conducted a brief investigation, and now I know more about all those ‘closed accounts’ I have run across.   Innocent, guilty perhaps only of liking a picture and wanting to refer back to it later, they clicked the tiny ‘flag’ icon!   I don’t know their fate, of course, they are never seen again.  Rumour would suggest they are banged up on an island somewhere, subjected daily to examination by the ‘Twitter Team’.

Seriously though, dear Twitter, without a government health warning first please do not disguise such a heinous consequence in a sheep’s overcoat of a word like ‘flag’.  I’m by no means the only one to have fallen foul of it.   Why not the more overt ‘Suspicious Media’ or ‘This is my picture and he’s nicked it’?  Especially since it seems the action, once taken, is irreversible.  Don’t get me wrong – Twitter is brilliant and I enjoy it immensely –  I’m just falling foul of the language, as usual.

So, what next – dialect?  “See. its ‘tml, mate, innit?”  Or maybe a merger with Esperanto.  How about you?  Has anyone else out there fallen victim to ‘computerese’?