Apparently Iranian god-guru and well known international raconteur I’m-a-Dinner-Jacket has discovered the root cause of all the earthquakes his country has been suffering of late – nothing to do with nuclear tests, no; its God’s punishment for the promiscuous behavior of women.   Of course!  Why didn’t somebody think of that before?

So if the female half of the human race all (go back to?) dressing in tents, surrender such lascivious pleasures as thinking for themselves and just stay home cooking or dusting, we men can be relied upon to take over the promiscuous bit.   Sounds like good sense to me!

Earthquakes are terrible tragedies, and I would by no means wish to belittle them, but has it occurred to I’m-a-Dinner-Jacket that maybe he and his pseudo-religious gang of bigots are the ones Mother Nature is really after?