In a year when all of us seek diversion of one kind or another, here’s a matter of importance that may have escaped the attention of many. Follow the link to watch the live streaming of The Winter Solstice tomorrow, 20th December. No gathering at Stonehenge this year, so it will be easy to imagine the perfect peace of that place – so humbling, so haunting, especially for those of us who believe the only true Deity is everywhere in the air and the earth around us, and there has been no Spring more deserving of prayer than this!

Stonehenge Stone Circle News and Information

For everyone’s safety and wellbeing, this year’s winter solstice celebrations at Stonehenge have been cancelled. English Heritage will be live streaming the event for free online.

Watch thewinter solstice LIVEfrom Stonehenge, wherever you are in the world!

People from across the UK and around the world will be able to watch the2020 winter solstice at Stonehenge for the first time.

While many fans of the event are heartbroken over its cancellation, please do not travel to Stonehenge this winter solstice, but watch it online instead.

English Heritage cameras will capture the best views of Stonehenge, allowing you to connect with this spiritual place from the comfort of your own home.

Stonehenge Winter Solstice Celebraions 2019

The winter solstice will be streamed live on Facebook, with the event listing availablehere-

Sunset is at 16:01 GMT on Sunday 20th December. Sunrise is…

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