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A bittersweet, poignant and honest confession of feelings we can all relate to in these troubled days.


It’s just peculiar how time can turn tables and reverse roles for suddenly some day, you could go from being daddy’s lil girl to his sole support system and might need to safeguard the man that has sheltered and basked you in the safety of his warmth, half your life.

It’s weird how heartaches and bruises seem painful only until the day you see needles and tubes relentlessly pricking and puncturing his skin which sure can just split your heart in two and each drop of his blood can feel like kerosene dripping on the cut. It’s quite enough to soak all your breath to see life catapult before the man who forms your spine and who has always fixed it for you since it’s just beyond him to twist the constellations for his own ends.

Reality kinda stings you when the hospital administration asks you to sign on the…

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