…who I have failed to visit or comment upon this week.

Having discovered I could neither ‘like’ nor add comments to the blogs of my followers I immediately started taking the toys from my pram and throwing them at WordPress.

Sorry, WordPress!

WP directed me to Firefox, I directed Firefox to the trash and thereafter sought the Chrome People, who took me to their hearts, told me all about myself and made themselves my default browser.

Sharing information, in case anyone else out there is having similar difficulties, I converted to Google Chrome , and all my troubles are now out of sight. I never thought I’d say this, but Google good, Firefox bad (and I must stop taking so many pills…)


  1. I’ve been a Chrome user for years, but I do use Firefox for certain websites that it plays friendly with.
    Tech woes are so frustrating and it seems they are unavoidable these days. Glad you survived and found a workaround. I have a “damnit doll” that I beat against the desk in situations like these 😉

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  2. Hahaha. I’ve used Chrome for a long time and had little to no problems. I used Firefox for a while as well but did run into issues with speed. I’m glad you’re on the right path, Frederick! Very cool post!

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  3. My theory is that this new era of Technology is designed to drive us nuts, with my new cool laptop of 250$ the usual internet explorer didn´t work with wordpress so had to change to Chrome, I would suggest that if you are going to quit the pills just give it to me so my anger doesn´t get the better of me

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    1. Here’s my worry. Those technologists in America and China are still too busy re-designing the English language into something no-one understands: when they’ve finished doing that, then they’ll have lots of time to really seriously bugger us up.


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