For those of you who didn’t notice, or those who are uninformed, this news:  Blue Monday is behind us for another year.  Blue Monday is usually ‘celebrated’ on the third Monday in January as the most depressing day on the calendar

Celebrated?  That may not be the appropriate term:  endured, maybe?  Slept through?  Survived?  If you are still with me, then, welcome.  You are a survivor, and things can only get better!  If you aren’t, I presume it will be no flowers by request?  Unless, that is, you have a predilection for leaves, branches and berries.  There can be nothing worse than being borne upon your last winter journey into eternity amid a forest of teasels.

Oh, and if you have just joined me in expectation of an uplifting, life-affirming experience to begin your day, well, now you know the truth:  nevertheless, I feel I owe you an explanation for my dolorous state, and it is this.

Firstly, as a part of my New Years’ resolve, I am on a diet.   Actually, it started before the New Year, but I am happy to include it in my accounting, because it is a good diet.   Without injecting too much of a personal note, it has helped me to shed 42lbs, so far.  Grateful thanks to Rita Roberts, whose very interesting blog drew my attention to ‘Low Carb for Life’.  This is not so much a dietary regime as a lifestyle choice, and as such does not leave me wanting, as so many diets have.   Why am I miserable about it, then?   Because!   Because every time I pass a cream doughnut, every time I watch someone slurp from an ice cream Magnum, each morning I sit in my office nursing an alimentary canal porridgeburger I curl.   I have to put my head under a towel so I shall not be seen to weep!  That’s why!

Secondly, it’s official Winter.  The solstice may have passed, the mornings may be brightening as the sun moves north, but they’re not.  I’m not.   Beyond my window, the world has quietened, pulled its raiment tightly about itself and hunkered down to wait for Spring.  Leaden grey skies, baleful rain, imprisoning snow, all these things I can survive; it is the inaction, the stultifying boredom of these incarcerated hours I cannot stand. 

Oh, and then there are the Memsahib’s experiments with cryogenics.   After so many years of marriage I can hardly complain – when I popped the question (all three copies, one of which remains on file) I knew what I was getting, and for a woman whose immediate antecedents were raised on a Polish mountaintop in a house with no doors, a reluctance to regard central heating as more than an optional extra is understandable.   And I am understanding – more so than our dog, who moves to her outdoor kennel for the winter months on the basis it is warmer…

What message – what crumb of comfort – do I derive from my English Winter?  Watching the birds outside my window, their feathers fluffed against an icy blast as they chip away the fat balls my wife has hung from the holly bush I can reflect that I am more fortunate than they, although it is also true they are better fed.   ‘What sign of the Spring of the year, not a stir, not a shoot, not a breath…’ those grey skies seem to stretch into infinity; but they must end soon.  They must end somewhere, mustn’t they?   On a sunny Spanish Isle, perhaps, or a land where it is never cold, or damp;  where, in short, Blue Monday can only refer to the color of the sky…


  1. Hello Frederick, Firstly I must thank you for the mention re your diet. I am so pleased you found it helpful. The Low Carb for Life blog is my son’s which I re-blog sometimes in order for others who are struggling with what foods to eat for the best, such as people with diabetes like myself. My son had Diabetes and his health was suffering, also too much weight so he has been studying the Low carb diets for the past four years. He now is no longer diabetic and has lost weight, Well done for your weight loss. Love your post here and looking forward to warmer days which won’t be long. How is your dog by the way.?

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    1. Thank you, Rita – especially for the backstory. Yes, it has been very helpful to a determined gourmand and recidivist such as I, and it is an ongoing story because my own heels have been kicking at the doorstep of type 2. I hope many others will reap the benefits of your son’s wisdom. Honey sends her regards – she is very busy at the moment laying plans in her pursuit of an outrageously attractive labradoodle who has been spurning her advances for some time. The older she gets the more determined she seems to be! Unrequited, I’m afraid, but it keeps her trying to be young…


  2. I am one of the uniformed who never heard of Blue Monday, but I am glad it’s behind us on the calendar. I’ve noted the lengthening of days, the few more precious moments of sunlight when the day wanes. Soon another month winter will behind us. Although I do enjoy fall, spring and summer—especially summer—is where I prefer to linger. If only the seasons would cooperate!

    Congratulations on the weight loss. 42 lbs is fantastic!!!

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  3. A long night’s journey into day, here in the damp north-east, I’m afraid. Around these parts, the locals delight in telling you it sometimes snows in June. Living where I live I have to embrace cold, but I must admit to preferring the shelter of the indoor life a little more these days. I agree that every season has its virtues, but winter does tend to labor the point a bit!

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  4. 42lbs is amazing…well done. If you picked that weight up in a bag of spuds and carried it around…a big load dropped from your daily round. As I started to study this I was amazed where carbs started to pop up. I am the one seen squinting at labels in the supermarket! Thanks for the link to Rita’s son’s blog. Here’s to Honey and her outdoor abode. Brighter days are coming, my creative buddy. Hugs ❤ Xx

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