Today, a brief note from the knarled old beast behind these keys.

A fulfilment of a promise.

The serialized book I have been running this year, ‘Hallbury Summer’ is now available as a complete eBook on Kindle.   I said I would do it, and I did it!  Just click on the cover to your left and you will be whisked magically away to Amazon’s glorious domain!    I am still working on the hardcover 2019 version.   That will be up for purchase soon.

Hallbury Summer is the third book I have serialized through this blog, and it has been the most popular, though ‘A Place that was Ours’ runs it a close second.  I aim to produce that as an eBook too.  I’m working as fast as I can!  (not fast, I know – doddering, in fact)

Meanwhile, and coming very soon, a new serialized novel.   Science Fiction, this time, but with a difference; several differences, in fact.  I’m looking forward to introducing you to Alanee.  I think you will like her.


  1. This is very cool! Consider me a customer. I love all your writing from the great characterizations to your beautiful even lyrical descriptions!! I need to get back to Nowhere Lane as it was great. I find myself to be more a binge reader, always read books until the wee hours and until the book was finished. So I generally like to wait until all is posted then binge!! I suppose that is why I like Netflix!! Hmmm!!

    Anyway, very good luck to you on your e books!! And, I would definitely look forward to the paperback version. I know I need to join he millenials and read on my iPad but still like actual books in hand.

    This is good news!!! Congratulations.

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  2. Hi Judy, I’m not sure which version you will get: I thought the old version had been taken down, but when I checked I saw it was still being offered as the print book. However, on my latest information it is the NEW version that is up there, so I guess the best is to wait until it arrives. The original version will have an ‘About the Author’ page at the front of the book before the index. The new version goes straight into the index and then the prologue. Please let me know what arrives, if you can. I’m confused myself!

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    1. Yay, the book just arrived and the cover colors look great!! It must be the new version as there is no About the Author part before the Index and it says Kindle Version on the copyright page right after the title page. For info the back cover blurb has a period after ‘unheard and.” which messes up your line spacing. No big deal though. Looking forward to my read!! 🙂

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    2. After a period of delays not entirely within my control, I have read Hallbury Summer and now sit in the satisfied afterglow of a wonderful read. Considering I already appreciated your writing from your blog selections, I do think it exceeded even rather high expectations. I really loved it and felt pulled between language that felt gothic, tender scenes, and racing heart action scenes as the story comes to its conclusion. Your natural ability for description is beautiful, artful (not distractingly), original and highly visual. Loved the evolution of Joe’s character. I hope you sell a zillion copies as it is a great story. What’s next?

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      1. I’m so glad you liked it, Judy! And thank you for the kind review – it seems I have a lot to live up to, now! As you have probably discovered I am currently running ‘Continuum’, a Sci-fi project, in episodes on this blog. Soon after Christmas I should be publishing the Kindle and paperback book versions of a previous serial, which originally went under the title ‘A Place that was Ours’ – I may change that, though…It will be announced here, on the blog, when I have strung it together. Happy Christmas!


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