Hi:  this is a quick apology.  From time to time bloggers I follow are kind enough to nominate me for various blogger awards.  I am very flattered that a fellow bloglodite should think me so worthy, and I hate to say this, but….

I no longer respond to them.  I have too many other commitments,  So once again, thank you very much, and to close with the immortal words of the great Ringo Starr

‘Peace and Love’. brothers and sisters  ‘Peace and Love’


  1. I used to feel duty bound and then I paused to have a word with myself. Grateful for this global village we all share, but I don’t show up for awards anymore. Hugs for you Fred. xXx

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  2. Normally I just try to leave a gracious “thank you” to the person, but sometimes time pressures prevent even that. Lately I’ve seen a few bloggers putting up, “award free blog” notices on their blogs. Personally a click of the like button and a thoughtful comment are more than enough “award” for me.

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