I’ve read this three times so far, and in the end I just had to reblog it! Walt Walker-profound writer. Please make your way to his page if you can.


Don’t worry, my dearies. Don’t fret. Sleep well.

Sleep with good thoughts of good things to come.

You will be well, live well, make money, have a nice home, a nice car, an open kitchen with countertops you enjoy feeling beneath your hands. These things are yours.

You will wear yoga pants and athletic tops, sunglasses, a dri-fit cap. You will ride bicycles and others will see your gear and be reminded of the professional sport of cycling.

You will insert your chip card into the reader and two officers who’ve seen their fellows killed by gunfire will appreciate their coffee credited to your account. You may experience tears, but the week will fade and feel like it never happened. You will walk in the park with a friend again before you have to be home for the kids who miss something but couldn’t tell you what.

Nothing has changed. Don’t worry…

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