Few things as rare
Compare in the air
With a flying bear
But always remember he shouldn’t be there
For a flying bear,
Whilst giving a scare
Can scarcely give you a meaningful hug
And is far more likely to end as a rug
than a bear on the ground
Well, so I have found, anyway…..

I don’t know why I blogged this – I NEED HELP! 


  1. It has a nice jingle – that’s why you posted – and your readers are smiling – mission accomplished! Reminds me of Pooh bear pretending to be a rain cloud to fool the bees in the tree! So, when I read it I envisioned a flying toy bear. A flying, several -hundred pound, bear with rug-like pelt, is harder to imagine. An Illustration would be awesome and astonishing.


  2. You must have read Annika Perry’s darling post about Bear wisdom:

    ‘Live large

    Climb beyond your limitations

    When life get hairy, grin and bear it

    Eat well

    Live with the seasons

    Take a good, long nap

    Look after your honey!’

    Yes, bears rule today.


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