You know what I thought when I was looking at these? So much talent is without a voice these days. Time was when graffiti defaced – now it embellishes. Just click on one of the pics to enter the gallery. Critical Dispatches – great blog.

Critical Dispatches

I had a little time to kill this afternoon, so I went for a wander around Camden in search of new street art. Sure enough I found this bold new piece by Tony Boy near Camden Mews.

FullSizeRender(66)Ever hungry for more, I continued on my little adventure and snapped a few more pieces. Wherever possible, I have added the artist’s name, however, as is the way with street art, this is often a lot easier said than done. Many artists do not sign their work or other more unscrupulous painters have been known to scribble over an artist’s tag. On some occasions, I consulted the brilliant London Calling Blog (who have been known to find works around Camden before me) for names. Anyway, enjoy.

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  1. Great talent here. Once I indulged myself and decorated one wall (interior) of our garage with a dragon. It is quite a challenge to get the imagery correct at such a large scale. I am full of admiration.


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