I have been working on a post on similar lines to this one, but nothing I can write would hold a candle to this – this is a story the world should read, and be ashamed.

Levant woman

I wrote once here that I will only write about hope… only hope will let me look at this white screen and type my letters… today I can’t help not to write, but not to spread hope this time .. to tell a story for humanity to hear…

Once up on a time in a city called Homs in Syria, there were many families who wanted to raise their children normally despite the war torn there and the tragic around them.  they taught their children about love and life. The sent them to school believing they can build a human not a fighter..

They didn’t know that in places like Syria humans are not welcome, if you don’t know how to carry a riffle or a knife you are not welcome. If you only know how to carry your book case, your drawing crayons and your little innocent hear, then you…

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    1. A bomb planted, tossed, or carried in a backpack by an anonymous ‘terrorist’ is just a bomb.

      Likewise the payload delivered by a drone piloted by a gallant officer half a world away, is just a bomb.

      So the terrorists blow up a school and rearrange a few kiddies, and a missile Made In USA rearranges a wedding or a funeral … two lots of collateral damages; but only one lot is shock-horror-shriek-outrage material. The other gets medals. Which?

      Your call …

      Tribal violence? It makes no sense …


      1. For once I find myself almost lost for words, but I’ll give it a shot. You seem to suggest there is some insane balance of motive in this kind of violence which, if it does exist, escapes me.

        Firstly, the test of the drones (a young Muslim murderer wired for self-destruction is as much a drone as an unmanned missile) is intent. Those who espouse the various shades of religious ’cause’ that they use as their excuse for all kinds of criminality beyond simply shooting each other deliberately employ the ‘human shield’ technique to ensure destruction of innocents. I do not think that is a ploy of which the USA can be accused. And incidentally, though you cannot blame the West for deriving methods of response to the various outrages these zealots commit which avoid exposure to their mindless violence, I doubt anyone has received a medal for controlling a drone.

        Secondly, ‘rearranging a few kiddies’ is inexcusable on any level. I was brought up to accept human life as sacred, and so, I hope, were you. I am certain you would think differently if a child of yours was at that school.

        It is possible to suspend hatred and live in peace. That’s the way prosperity happens. And no, I’m far from a convinced capitalist, and certainly no admirer of all the West does in the Middle East; but I see that an end result is inevitable: I just lament the useless waste of life that has to happen along the way.


        1. First, my apologies for any hurt or offence. You have to know me to understand the wording I use (think desperation).
          I cannot abide hypocrisy, and I hold human life as sacred. Genuinely.

          So when people babble about “collateral damage” it nauseates me—a child is a child, even if he/she is a blasted raghead wog infidel bastar— you get the picture.

          So babbling through misty eyes about how sad it is to indiscriminately bomb the bejseus out of (say) Dresden, Hamburg, Coventry) upsets me. Not that you do it, ‘they’ do it. And most folks seem to buy it.

          I try to make people think.
          Never easy … but yes, drone ‘pilots’ sitting in air-conditioned comfort in the continental USA playing video games that leave real arms and legs and teeth scattered all over the landscape half a world away … do actually get medals.
          I’ve blogged on this but shall have to poke back to find the references for you; and their lovely shiny new ‘combat’ medal outranks the Bronze Star (how about that? Do they get a Purple Heart if they blister their thumb on the joystick?).

          Nothing at all wrong with Capitalism, everything in the world wrong with our current systems of Banksterisms—which (belatedly) the world is also awakening to.

          Islamic terrorism in the west is inexcusable. Or is it?

          But on their own home ground … how would you attempt to defend your home under similar circumstances? If you couldn’t penetrate your enemy’s highly sophisticated (and truly awesome) defences/fortresses … wouldn’t you try to carry the war by any means back to him—possibly even blow up a few kids too, to show him what it’s like, to make him feel some of the pain?

          Sir—as a pacifist myself, even I would.(But I’d leave out the kids …)


  1. Thank you for your reply. I agree with a great deal of what you say. Somehow, though, those who allow themselves to be too easily wooed and groomed by the dealers in violence have to be persuaded there is a better way. Killing can only generate more killing – a learning curve that seems to be extremely shallow in the human psyche.

    If I may, I’ll raise Northern Ireland as an example. There the killing cycle has been sufficiently limited to allow some prosperity back into the land, and although we have far to go those whose republican motives were once interpreted in gunfire now have real political power. In the current nationalistic mood throughout the UK there is a very real chance they will achieve what thirty years of blitz failed to do.

    There is no doubt Israel is a thorn in everyone’s side in the Middle East, as well as a source of oppression to some, yet it is a fact of life. Idealism and a gun will not make it go away. A listening ear given reasonable argument might begin the process of acceptance and reason, given a civilized platform whereon two listening ears do not run the risk of getting a bullet between them.


    1. I know there are conflicting voices and I don’t pretend any expertise in this area. I’m just a humanist trying to put a perspective on so much indiscriminate killing. Thank you for the compliment concerning my extremely dysfunctional site! Please visit many times!

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      1. I would rather hear from a real person than an expert with no social skills and an agenda. One thing that troubles me, for example, is that blacks are sold a bill of goods for a few votes. But the food lines grow as legislators make law offenders unemployable and subsequently a skid row junkie. So the issues over ‘there’ are like the rings on a tree and to get to the core you have to do a of sawing and by then, the leaves have fallen for the last time. LOL> I am an amateur as well.


  2. I think we are all, black or white, sold a bill of goods. Democracy is increasingly wrapped in a sheath of fiction as we become more isolated and dissociated from the ‘political class’. We are represented by people who do not represent us – they take decisions we would not have them take. Further, these are people who never seem to learn. The US has one of the highest prison populations in the world – from outside, it seems to me to be very easy to gain a ‘record’ over there. Anyone with an atom of ability to see beyond their own personal advantage must recognize that a mistake is being made, yet few do. Even if they do, we now have a situation where a political figure can freely admit to errors in public rhetoric without ever actually correcting them.

    It may be time for the last leaves to fall. Looking back through history, one finds a clearly identifiable cycle – phases of corruption followed by phases of revolution. I am not advocating that, but I do feel those with the power to make changes should take note. Sooner or later, and in one form or another, the true voice of the people has to be heard.


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