A question, if I may:  how do you feel about ‘Survey Monkey’?

Do you believe it is a positive boon, enabling (as it claims) our suppliers to serve us even better?

Do you suspect (as do I) that our suppliers are only paying it lip-service and actually take no notice at all?

Do you (like me), regard it with a pathological hatred that makes me want to throw my aged mouse at my decrepit monitor and scream?

If I like a product sufficiently I will review it willingly.   If I am neutral about it I will not complain, but nor will I enthuse.

If its bad, I’ll send it back.

What may certainly motivate me to send it back, to never deal with the perpetrator again, to report the supplier to the European Court of Human Rights and to leave the goddamn country for a desert island and never return, is if I get bogged down in a series of questions with those infernal little dots.  Questions which ask me if I am ‘very dissatisfied’, or ‘extremely satisfied’ with the way the product’s upper left timing widget was wrapped.

‘Very dissatisfied!   VERY!


  1. Well, I must say, when I was conducting research for my public health project, Survey Monkey came in quite handy. As for the surveys I get about products? Into the trash bin they go…


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