Does that sound nostalgic?  Certainly when I wrote ‘Hallbury Summer’ I was in a different place, creatively Imagespeaking.   At the time the issue of genre hadn’t occurred to me as important and the attraction of writing about a country village somewhat like (but emphatically NOT) the one where I grew up appealed – as did the early seventies period wherein the action is set.  Action?  Certainly that!  

I remember writing this book very quickly and with an emotion I can only describe as glee!   Murder in a pretty English village? Nothing new.  But a prodigal son with too much guilt resting on his shoulders?  A family blighted by tragedy living at the village’s poisonous heart?  Add a little witchcraft, a little of the politics of power, and oh, such a brew shall be the result!  Hubble, hubble, boil and bubble; love and sex and double trouble (Sorry, Will – but I guess you know how it feels to be out of copyright).

Anyhow, a work whose hour has passed.  Many sales, thankfully, and now its time has come to rest.  After this weekend, ‘Hallbury gets ‘remaindered’ at 99 cents.  In the meantime it can enjoy one last glimmer of freedom.  Get it now or get it never?


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