I particularly like a picture in the British ‘Daily Mail’ this morning which shows a proud gentleman fan of his North Korean women’s football team staring in incomprehension at a giant screen above the venue for their first Olympic football match.  The very mirror of disbelief, he watches as each of his team’s heroines appear in turn upon the screen, each alongside a picture of the South Korean flag.

This is on the first day of competition!  There are I believe 19 other women’s football teams to go:  19 teams, 19 flags in a nation where geographical awareness at its highest hovers around the tenet ‘find the High Street, then use sat-nav’.    I was, (I promise) told once by a girl of 17 that France is ‘somewhere in Paris’.  19 potential diplomatic incidents!  Any one know the colour of the flag of Gabon?  Never mind – just give them one of the green ones.  Oh, the joys to come!

Welcome to Britain!


    1. I promise it’s true. Many times I’ve had ‘holiday discussions’ with clients and friends during which it slowly dawned they had a destination name but absolutely no idea where they were actually going – as in, not where Venice is, but where Italy is! It’s frightening! Some may well be airline pilots now!


    1. This for North Korea, of all places! The ‘wait ’til I get you home’ state! Can you imagine what was going through their minds – was it somehow their fault? Even if it wasn’t would somebody blame them for it anyway? Thumbscrews, the iron maiden, the rack? I wonder, do they actually have therapy in North Korea?


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