New cover


I have uploaded a new cover for Hasuga’s Garden, because the original was done in rather a hurry and, in my opinion anyway, looked it!   So, how to celebrate?  I thought three free days on Kindle, beginning 17th July?  for USA, or for the UK.   


    1. Hi Carrie: Point taken. If there was an easy way to stoke the sales of indie e-books I would take it, but so far the free promotion path seems to be the only way that works. Even if half those who dowload will never actually read the book, I am still reaching a wider audience than I could ever reach otherwise. Sorry, all this is obvious, isn’t it? And I know there is a possibility I might get a reputation for putting up too much for free. I’m spending the second half of this year going for a publisher or an agent – deep down, I have to acknowledge its the only way to travel. Anyway, thank you for dowloading it. My wife says its my best book, though she hasn’t read ‘I am Cara’. All the best with your book, BTW – sounds as though you,ve reached the ‘hard part’! Best regards,

      Fred Anderson


      1. Thank you. And I will be round at some point to actually buy another one of your books. 🙂 Good luck with the agent or publisher quest, though I don’t think you ‘ll need luck. Someone will snag you up. I’ve flagged some pages in your book and highlighted a sentence or two that caught my eye just for the sheer joy of rereading them: “Stairs still navigable to the lightweight and the brave…” See? Now I would have just said, “Old stairs.” I really enjoy your writing style. So many nuances, yet everything fuels the story forward.


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