Well, having given it the ‘big build up’ here it is the small passage I’ve danced around and left unwritten for three days.  It comes from the sequel to ‘Hasuga’s Garden’  (Work in Progress) and I may keep it (or I may not).

We fought in vain, the two of us – when she had become too tired to fight, I took her part.  I did all I could but cut the child from her and had I known how I would have done that – though it would have availed us nothing; though we both knew by morning the child was dead.   By morning we both knew all we had lost.

She passed as a cloud passes the sun, and I was glad for her because I had held her in my arms through the agony of the hours, and now at last I saw her at rest.   I honoured Magda with words she would never hear and walked blindly out into the mockery of day. 

I buried my second wife and my second child amid the softest green pasture, where the small creatures of our world wouldt give them the gentlest care, then I took my place, my Miroveti place, upon the hill where I might best look down on all our works.   For it is in this way the Miroveti show their grief.    It was all I knew how to do.

“I am learning.”   The voice said. 


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