I cherish those times when government comes up with a new revenue raising idea and calls it a ‘Strategy’.  Today’s little treat is the ‘strategy’ that imposes a minimum price per unit of 40 pence on alcohol in a crusade against ‘binge drinking’.  They also intend stopping BOGOF deals and ‘Happy hours’.   In other words, everyone , including the huge range of my acquaintances who enjoy the odd small Sherry on Sunday, will have to pay more for their drink.

In the world of thinly disguised daylight robbery, British government is King.  Having already hiked the duty on alcohol in their recent budget, this masterstroke could not be more cynical:  of course increased prices mean increased revenue – do they really think they fool anybody anymore?

Stop binge drinking?   I think not.  The government, I am sure, secretly hope not.   Because if their public actually buy less alcohol their ‘strategy’ is defeated.  

Fear not, esteemed Chancellor of the Whatsit:  I for one shall continue my diet of cheese sandwiches and whiskey, as I’m sure, will my acquaintances.  Why?  We share the truth you know so well.  You have created a country so awesome in its complete awfulness that none of us can face it sober.

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