I wonder how long the political machine can keep operating?  As ‘Newt’ and ‘Mitt’ strut and fret their particular hour through the soundbite forest, reiterating and remixing the recipe of political promises for the umpteenth time, they move in an environment increasingly suspicious of lies, and ever better equipped to find them out.

In the wide wired world where does the space exist for such comical untruths as  “Together we will rebuild America” ?  I suppose once an idealistic and  naive younger generation might have been trusted to lap up such soup, but now?  Here in Britain, as in America, the new breed of career politicians are greeted with growing skepticism, and a shallow percentage of us who can still be bothered to vote.

What troubles me – what should trouble us all, I feel; is the difficulty finding a replacement for our so-called democracy.   As Italians are forced forward under an unelected leader, and an autocratic Europe becomes ever more real, is that our future too?  We have little enough choice now – rarely do ‘elected’ administrations deliver any of the promises they make – and we have precious little control over our future.   Soon, we may have none at all.   The complete bureaucracy led by bureaucrats.   Or worse.  A fully integrated corporate world in the utter control of the multi-nationals.     Where then?

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